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  What you'll find here

Hellooooooo and welcome! So glad you signed up!

This section of the academy (ooo, ~fancy~) is basically a huge library of lots of useful things I've found from around the net. They may be website services or resources from other bloggers. I want to share EVERYTHING!

Here are the current sections:

Blogging Butterfly Goodies

Things made by yours truly! Everything I've personally made and packaged together for you will be right here.

Tools & Services

There are a LOT of useful tools out there for bloggers! Social media managers, photography apps, editorial calendars, WordPress plugins... tons of stuff! This section has links to all kinds of tools and services that you could find useful as a blogger.

Other Blogs & Websites

These are links to resources by other bloggers that I've found useful. Some have already been featured on Blogging Butterfly, but if you want the goods before I write up the posts, here's where you can find them.